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At Mazzeltov Farms in Hughson, the journey began before Bethany Mazza even had plans of creating a passion filled thriving business. Bethany began milking her herd in 2015 and she loved finding new ways to use the abundance of milk. She started making cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, and soap. Bethany discovered that she loved the challenge and the creativity of the soap making process.  She started small and only made soap for her family, but with an overwhelming positive response, she started selling at local farmer’s markets. As her clientele grew the business was born. Mazzeltov Farms Soap has been her full-time job since 2020 and she has one full time employee.  Through trial and error, Bethany found a soap recipe that she was proud to put her name on. This last year she has enjoyed meeting and building relationships with other small farms and businesses and finding ways to source her ingredients locally. Mazzeltov Farms soaps are a combination of six different skin-loving oils and their very own raw goats milk from their hard working girls.  Mazzeltov Farms is very grateful that they have been able to provide a high quality, natural product that is safe for you and your family.  Drop by their booth at the 2022 Fall Festival on 11/5/22 and also find them on Facebook and Instagram: Mazzeltov Farms Soap and their website:

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