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Debby Does Dazzle is an official Paparazzi distributor from Oakdale.  Owner Debby Garrison, began her business 4 ½ years ago, but Paparazzi Accessories have been around for 13 years.  Debby wanted to share a great, affordable and fun product once she was introduced to Paparazzi, and the extra cash didn’t hurt!  Since she loves to talk, this was the opportunity to do it all.  With the variety and selection of all her jewelry and accessories, not to mention they are only $5 each, there’s a lot to talk about.  Even Debby’s 15 year old Yorkie is nick named “Papa Girl” because she wears Paparazzi Accessories too!  Be sure to check out her booth at the 2023 Fall Festival on 11/4/23 because whether you’re wearing it, or you decide to become a consultant, Paparazzi Accessories is sooooo much fun!  You can also find her on Facebook: Debby Does Dazzle VIP Group and website:

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