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2023 Fall Festival Vendor Spotlights

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Jessica Saia started her business, 99 Art Designz, in 2022.  Her main job is catering to vendors by helping them with marketing, as well as gaining new social media and making payments easy at events.  Her side hustle is 99 Art Designz, which sells wooden and acrylic earrings, keychains, teacher items, hair clips, picture frames, signs, journals, pens and more!  Check out her social media on Facebook: 99 Art Designz and Instagram: 99artdesignz as well as her website: and don’t miss her booth at the Fall Festival on Saturday 11/4/23!

Debby Does Dazzle is an official Paparazzi distributor from Oakdale.  Owner Debby Garrison, began her business 4 ½ years ago, but Paparazzi Accessories have been around for 13 years.  Debby wanted to share a great, affordable and fun product once she was introduced to Paparazzi, and the extra cash didn’t hurt!  Since she loves to talk, this was the opportunity to do it all.  With the variety and selection of all her jewelry and accessories, not to mention they are only $5 each, there’s a lot to talk about.  Even Debby’s 15 year old Yorkie is nick named “Papa Girl” because she wears Paparazzi Accessories too!  Be sure to check out her booth at the 2023 Fall Festival on 11/4/23 because whether you’re wearing it, or you decide to become a consultant, Paparazzi Accessories is sooooo much fun!  You can also find her on Facebook: Debby Does Dazzle VIP Group and website:

RIDGE HILL MAPLE PRODUCTS has been making their homemade products in their sugar house, on their property in Ashfield, Massachusetts, for 28 years.  Janet Rogers (daughter of John & June Rogers) and Bev LaBelle are the proud owners, because that’s what you do when you buy land with Sugar Maple Trees. Their syrup is pure with no chemicals added!  Since it takes 50 gallons of tree sap to make 1 gallon of syrup, it truly is a labor of love.  Make sure to get some of their amazing syrup at their booth during the Fall Festival on 11/4/23.  Also check them out on Facebook: Ridge Hill Maple Products and Instagram: ridgehillmaple

Squares Bake Shop was started 3 years ago by husband and wife, Richard and Krista Kohl, from Ripon.  For years they dreamt of creating a place to share baked goods with recipes passed down form their great grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers.  Squares Bake Shop is a Home Based Bakery offering a unique variety of treats for all occasions.  Their mission is to create delicious treats everyone can enjoy, including those on certain diets.  They believe no one should be excluded from having a treat with friends and loved ones on a special occasion.  Squares Bake Shop offers Gluten-friendly, Sugar-free, Keto, Soy-free, Peanut-free, Vegan recipes and more!  Be sure to visit their booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 for something super yummy and check them out on Facebook: 

Instagram:    and Website:

Mindy Morgan began her business BALANCED STROKES three years ago.  Mindy has always been a big party and wedding planner and she would always make the things she couldn’t find to buy or couldn’t afford.  Everyone told her to start a business so she tried her luck at a Holiday Craft Faire at her church and it took off from there!  Mindy likes to offer cute products at great prices that everyone can enjoy.  Her products include porch leaners, signs, ornaments, wreaths, planters (mostly on reclaimed wood) and she also does custom orders.  Don’t miss her booth at this year’s Fall Festival on 11/4/23 and check her out on Instagram: @balancedstrokes

When Janna Froehlke from Modesto decided she wanted to create quality clothing that was cute, functional and durable, her business STITCHED UP SWEETNESS was born.  For 6 years, Janna has loved creating special, one-of-a-kind treasures for infants and children.  All her clothing is handmade, and she also makes pillowcases, aprons and heirloom pillows.  You can tell by her products, that it brings Janna much joy to share her sewing with others!  Don’t miss her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 to get that little one in your life something truly special.  You can also find her on Facebook: /stitchedupsweetness and Instagram: @stitchedupsweetness

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28 year Hughson resident, Olivia DeBoer, started her Western Fashion Clothing and Accessories business CACTUS WRANGLER a little over a year ago.  Her hopes of making some extra money to pay for her children to go to private school and have some extra spending money for her family turned into the real deal.  Olivia’s fashions are gorgeous and she was soon taking appointments at her country showroom.  She looks forward to the day her showroom will be a Hughson storefront.  Make sure to stop by her booth where you’ll find her mom and dad working right along side her!  You can also find her on Facebook: Cactus Wrangler Instagram: @thecactuswrangler and her website:

BEAUTIFUL HEART CREATIONS started 3 years by owner, Julie Price, of Modesto.  Many years ago, Julie began organic gardening after learning about the harmful chemicals that are often used by commercial vegetable and fruit growers.  That expanded to her own body products.  Julie knows that self-care is important for our health and she strives to share her affordable, natural products with everyone.  Her phenomenal products include handmade soap, soap products, shampoo & conditioner bars, bath fizzies, shower steamers, body lotion & butters, lip balm, candles, wax melts, room sprays and accessories.  Don’t miss her booth at this year’s Fall Festival on 11/4/23 and you can also find her at and as well as

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Dawn Guadian began her business, DECLUTTER WITH DAWN, in 2021. After a major health scare, she had to change jobs due to stress.  Now Dawn enjoys helping people every day with her exceptional organization and business experience.  With over 25 years as an office administrator, she can help households and small businesses with file systems, scanning and overall organization.  She also just added moving and unpacking services, as well as personal assistant services to her repertoire.  Drop by her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 to see what she can do to help YOU!  Find more info on Facebook: Declutterwithdawn209 and her website: 

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Long-time Hughson resident and former Hughson Elementary teacher, Nancy Harris, started KJ NANCRAFT 15 years ago.  Her drive to make reading fun for kids and encourage them to read didn’t stop when she retired.  Now she offers educational games and gifts such as RV and Travel Sets, S’mores Toasters, Dog and Cat Related items, Christmas gifts and everything includes a book!  This is Nancy’s 3rd year at the Fall Festival and she’s really enjoyed seeing former students and their families so drop by and see her booth on 11/4/23!

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While serving as medical missionaries in a rural mission hospital in Togo, West Africa, Zach and Elizabeth Greenlee faced a dilemma.  With no access to fresh bread and a dwindling supply of coffee, they had to figure something out.  Unbeknownst to them, coffee grew all around them in the nearby mountains, and there were a number of local styles of bread they could learn to bake themselves. That was the seed that planted their dream.  DISTANT MOUNTAINS BREAD & COFFEE has been in business for one year and it brings the Greenlee’s experience, drive for excellence and passion for nourishing their neighbors to our community.  They bake Sourdough Bread in a variety of flavors, Roasted Coffee, Focaccias in a variety of flavors and cookies.  Stop by their booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 and find them on Facebook: Distant Mountains Bread and Coffee, Instagram: @distantmountainsbandc  and website:

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THE CRAFTY PORTAGEE is a local family business in Sonora.  Carla Salyers began crafting during Covid to ease her stress and decorate her home.  She had no idea her therapeutic hobby would be so loved and grow into a business out of nowhere!  For the last 2 ½ years, she has been making small rustic wood crafts for the holidays, every day and seasonal home décor, Farmhouse style handmade crafts (upcycled/recycled).  Find something unique and special at her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23.  You can also check her out on Facebook and Instagram: The Crafty Portagee

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Glenda's Crafty Bottles Pic 1.JPG
Glenda's Crafty Bottles 2023 VS Pic.jpg
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When Glenda Ross from Turlock retired, she needed something to do with her time.  Since she didn’t want the obligation of a 9 to 5, GLENDA’S CRAFTY BOTTLES & MORE started.  Now Glenda takes her time designing themes using vinyl, painting, or wrapping recycled wine/liquor bottles, making cork crafts, wood plaques, bottle lamps and etching.  This is going to be her last year doing events so the is your LAST CHANCE to visit her booth at the 2023 Fall Festival on 11/4/23.  She’s also on Facebook: Glenda’s Craft Bottles & More

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Chasity Willhite began her business DIXIE’S DESIGNS 2 years ago. Her family and friends knew she had always enjoyed crafting, and after much encouragement, Chasity finally got the nerve to start selling her crafts.  We couldn’t be more thankful, because her tumblers, hoodies, shirts, ornaments and other accessories are amazing!  At only $20 for adult tumblers and $18 for kids, you can’t go wrong.  Even better, she takes customized orders that you can place for the holidays.  Pick up something at her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23.  You can also find her on Facebook: Dixie’s Designs and Instagram: @dixiezdesigns

Knotty Lamb 2023 VS Pic.jpg

Jeff and Angel Lamb from La Grange, started their business KNOTTY LAMB WORKSHOP two years ago.  This husband and wife duo enjoyed creating special items for family and friends so much, that they bought more woodworking equipment and began attending vendor events.  Now they make Wood Home Décor, Customized Ornaments, Signs, Earrings, Magnets and Engraved Glasses for everyone to love.  You’re sure to find something unique and special at their booth at the Fall Festival on Saturday 11/4/23 so don’t miss it!  You can also check them out on Facebook: : Instagram: and their website:

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Knotty Lamb Pic 2.jpg
Knotty Lamb Pic 1.jpg
Perfectly Boujee Beads Pic 2.jpg
Perfectly Bougee Beads LOGO.png
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The Sewing Survivor 2023 VS Pic.jpg
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Mikaela Pires, AKA The Sewing Survivor, from Modesto began her handmade business two and a half years ago.  Mikaela and her mother were making a lot of gift items for family and friends and decided to do a craft fair.  After that, they posted on Facebook and the orders started coming in!  She offers bowl cozys, cup cozys, baby bibs and burp rags, pacifier clips, crinkle tag toys, aprons and rag blankets.  Mikaela’s business name is a testament to her strength and perseverance as she was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 5 and is a proud survivor of over 20 years!  Be sure to visit her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 and also find her on Facebook: The Sewing Survivor 

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Crafty Portagee Pic 8.jpg
Perfectly Boujee Beads Pic 3.jpg
Perfectly Boujee Beads Pic 1.jpg

Daughter and “Momager” team, Kaylee (11 years old) and Kerrie Crain, started PERFECTLY BOUJEE BEADS BY KAYLEE three months ago.  Kaylee has a love and natural knack for making bracelets.  When she started getting requests to make them for others, Perfectly Boujee Beads was born.  Her trendy, stackable bracelets are made with high quality beads including 14k gold filled, crystals, glass, ceramic and stone.  She also makes the cutest lanyards and keychains.  They will be offering ON-SITE personalization at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 (Kaylee will make special orders while you shop and she’ll text you when it’s ready), so make sure to visit their booth and get something special.  You can also find her on Instagram: and the website

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Divine Protection LOGO.jpg
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DIVINE PROTECTION CRYSTALS began 2 years ago when owner, Jeanette Robinson, was using crystals as therapy for PSTD from serving in the military. (Thank you for your service!)  It worked so well that she decided to share her knowledge of healing crystals with the community.  Now Jeanette offers crystal art, sun catchers, handcrafted jewelry, essential oil products and loose stones.  She loves creating works of art for her customers and bring their visions to life.  Don’t miss her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23.  Also check her out on Facebook and Instagram: @DivineProtectionCrystals and her website:

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Divine Protection Pic 2.jpg
Dulces Gustos LOGO.png
Dulces Gustos Pic 2.jpeg

Dulce Ayala from Oakdale began making clay earrings during the pandemic.  She was shopping online and noticed clay earrings, that’s when she decided to try her own hand at making them.  Once she did, is was instant love for it and DULCES GUSTOS began.  For three years, Dulce has been handmaking her clay earrings and attending vendor shows.  She is a true testament to pursue your dreams!  Drop by her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 and find a unique pair of earrings for that someone special.  You can also find her on Instagram: @clayby_duclesgustos

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Sommers Espresso LOGO.jpg
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Brandon Sommers of Livingston has always loved coffee.  In fact, it has been a long-time dream of his to have his own coffee business.  Dreams do come true because for the last year, he has been the proud owner of SOMMERS ESPRESSO.  With a tasty variety of coffee drinks, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at his spot at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23.  Check him out on Facebook and Instagram: @sommersespresso

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Backroads LOGO.png
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Backroads Pic 1.jpg
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Mother and daughter team, Caley and Cheyenne Rutherford started their businesses BACKROADS HOME & GIFT and RUTHERFORD LASER CO. 3 years ago. 

Caley began her journey as an entrepreneur in 2000 when she decided she wanted to stay home with her babies full time. If you have been around from the beginning, you remember her garage sale, flea market, auctions, eBay and Craigslist days. She started out with the resale of others' items (way before it became popular) and eventually branched out to refinishing furniture. (*cough cough* Not Too Shabby ring a bell? Her first real business!) She then started her journey downtown Turlock, where she had her presence in three stores over the course of the years. Two of those stores she helped build up to be the Main Street retail giants they are today, but in 2020 she began her new and ultimate journey, Backroads.

Cheyenne's story is a bit different. Since high school, she received her Bachelors & Masters Degrees to become an accountant. However, when Monty came around (our favorite 17 month old store manager) Cheyenne decided being present in his life was significantly more important. Working as an accountant was rewarding, but not in the same ways being a mom is. She decided to quit her job and go all-in with Caley on the store. Rutherford Laser Co. was born to bring a new experience and to elevate Backroads. As a single mom, Cheyenne supports herself and Montgomery with full-time lasering and full-time mom-ing. Cheyenne works while Monty sleeps to keep the bills paid, and they get to make the best memories together that they otherwise wouldn't have if she wasn't self employed.  

Come see what’s happening at their booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 and you can also find them on Facebook: Backroads Home & Gift / Rutherford Laser Co.; Instagram: / and website:

Kirkbride Kreations 2023 VS Pic.jpg
Kirkbride Kreations Pic 1.jpg

Cheryl Kirkbride started making jewelry in the 1970’s.  About 5 years ago, she began painting with alcohol inks.  The creative ink really started pumping and she created so much, KIRKBRIDE KREATIONS was born.  Cheryl knew her amazing jewelry needed to be shared, and she needed to prepare for her retirement.  With so much experience, her pieces are truly ageless and beautiful!  Be sure to visit her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 and see the quality first hand.  You can also find her on Instagram: Kirkbride Kreations

Jars 2023 VS Pic.jpg
Jars Pic 3.jpg

JARS OF DELICIOUS is owned by Cheree Hill and if you haven’t tried it yet, you need to!  Known throughout our community as “The local jam lady!” She specializes in fresh local fruits. Jams, Jellies, Pie fillings, Marmalades, Breakfast syrups, Pepper Jellies and more.  Stop by and try a biteful of something special at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23!

Jars Pic 1.jpg
Jars Pic 2.jpg
Nicholes Crafts 2023 VS Pic.jpg
Nicholes Crafts LOGO.jpg
Nicholes Crafts Pic1.jpg

Nichole Cooper, wife and mother of 2, from Modesto started crafting and making shirts for her kiddos “Just for fun”.  Five years later, NICHOLE’S CRAFTS is a full-fledged business growing strong!  Nichole offers custom Tier Tray Blocks, custom Onesis, Keychains and Can Koozies.  You’re sure to find something super cute at her booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 so don’t miss it!  You can also find her on Facebook: Nichole’s Crafts and Instagram: nicholescrafts

2 Fab Friends 2023 VS Pic.jpg
2 Fab Friends LOGO.jpg
2 Fab Friends Pic 1.jpg
2 Fab Friends Pic 2.jpg
2 Fab Friends Pic 4.jpg
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2 Fab Friends Pic 9.jpg
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Friends Debra Frietas of Modesto and Lisa Fizzell of Oakdale, just began working together as 2 FAB FRIENDS.  Debra’s business is BOUJEE BLANKETS and Lisa’s is BOUGIE BEAUTY & GIFTS.  Boujee Blankets started when Debra started making blankets for her 5 grandchildren.  She learned to crochet from her mother, and enjoys it so much that she knew she’d miss making them when she was done with the grandkids.  A friend suggested she start making them for craft events and thank goodness she did!  Her products include hand-woven, chunky knit blankets, faux-fur scarves and baby blankets.  You can visit her on Facebook: Boujee Blankets and Instagram: boujeeblankets23

Bougie Beauty & Gifts BEGAN BECAUSE Lisa loved Nuskin products and making decorative wine bottles as gifts.  Lisa puts a lot of love into every item she makes as the process helps her relax and decompress after a long day at work.  Her gifts include decorative wine bottles, custom wreaths for all seasons and keychains, and of course she sells Nuskin Beauty Body Products.  You can Lisa on Facebook: Bougie Beauty & Gifts and Instagram: Bougie_beauty_and_gifts  Make sure to stop by their booth at the Fall Festival on 11/4/23 to get something comfy and cozy for winter, whether it’s for you or someone special. 

Mexican Foods Catering Pic 1.jpg
Mexican Foods Catering 2023 VS Pic.jpg
Mexican Foods Catering Pic 2.jpg

Azucena and Jose De Jesus from Oakdale started their business MEXICAN FOODS CATERING two years ago.  They wanted to give their customers a refreshing drink cast with natural fruits.  Their Aguas Frescas are prepared daily and they are also preparing homemade tamales and Mexican corn at this year’s Fall Festival on 11/4/23.  Don’t miss their booth to get some authentic Mexican food.  You can also check them out on Instagram: FOODS CATERING

2022 Fal Festival

 Previous Events

2022 Fall Festival

Our 2nd Annual Fall Festival on 11/5/22 was another great success!  We can't thank our vendors and the community enough for their support of this event.  With parking inside the Arboretum gates this year, our free shuttle carts were hardly even needed, except for our friends at Samaritan Village of course.  The food court was constantly abuzz with happy customers and we plan to make it even bigger next year!  Be sure to mark your calendar for 11/4/23 so you won't miss our 3rd Annual Fall Festival.

Margaret's Patio Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 

Saturday June 25, 2022

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held in honor of the newest addition to the Arboretum.  Margaret's Patio was a vision of our founder, Margaret Sturtevant, that has finally been brought to life.  This beautiful patio is centered around the 5 magnolia trees plants for her 5 children and is truly a place for contemplation and relaxation.  Although the day was HOT, everyone that attended had a great time.  The bar and drink services were provided by Burner Custom Designs and Events and the exceptional food was done by Greens On Tenth.  We would like to say a special thank you to the Sturtevant family for attending, it was such a wonderful event!